Mayor Townsend by Executive Order, has declared a State of Emergency for the City of Dixon due to the threat  of the COVID-19 VIRUS.

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Commission Meeting Minutes

 Dixon City Commission met in session Monday, October 12, 2020, 6 p.m. Attending were Mayor Carolyn Townsend, Commissioners Terry Webb, Randy Norman, Dusty Heady, and Steve Shoots, City Attorney Ben Leonard, and City Clerk Barbara Goff.
Minutes were approved on a motion by Commissioner Webb, seconded by Commissioner Heady, all ayes.
Bills were approved on a motion by Commissioner Heady, seconded by Commissioner Shoots, all ayes.
Mayor Townsend reported for all departments. 
She stated mowing season is almost over; at least one more mowing is expected at the parks.  The spray park is almost complete.  Concrete work is expected soon, to be followed by the building for electronic components to be set. 
The Fire Department has handled several fires recently. 
A water report was not available, but Mayor Townsend does expect water loss to be up.  There was a problem with Webster County Water District, which extended to all cities in the county.  To address the problem in Dixon, a large amount of flushing of water lines was done.  Mayor Townsend will be contacting Webster County Water to inquire about an adjustment to our account.
It was announced that Sondra Norman is expected to resume her role with Code Enforcement soon.
The second reading of 2020 property tax rates was approved at the compensating rate of 0.134 on a motion by Commissioner Webb, seconded by Commissioner Norman, all ayes.
There was discussion regarding this year’s Halloween activities and how to allow activities to proceed while keeping in mind the pandemic situation. Eventually, a motion was made by Commissioner Shoots to set hours on October 31 from 4-7pm with reminders to the community to follow current pandemic guidelines and recommendations provided by the Center for Disease Control.  The City will encourage those who will be handing out treats to have individual bags for trick-or-treaters prepared prior to trick-or-treating hours.  Motion was seconded by Commissioner Norman, all ayes.
Chloe Shoots, a young resident of Dixon, volunteered to make fliers for local businesses to help advertise the guidelines.
Commissioner Webb addressed the issue of growing past due water account balances.  Current executive order by the Governor of Kentucky does not allow customer cut-offs until after December 31.  Current city ordinance states landlords are not responsible for renter’s unpaid utility bills, and it is feared once cut-offs resume, several renters will move out without payment.  The City does have a remaining balance for CARES Act funds, but revenue loss is not covered.  Mayor Townsend will be reaching out to the Governor’s office to address the situation.
The City will be requesting a second draw on the CARES Act soon.  The second request is expected to be slightly more than the first request amount.
There are direct deposits currently set up for the General Fund at Dixon Bank.  The City Clerk is in process of getting these redirected to the new General Fund at United Community Bank.  Once this is completed, it is expected to close the General Fund account at Dixon Bank.
The City is expecting to being accepting credit/debit card payments hopefully within the next month.  Pay N Seconds, the credit card company, is in process of integrating the credit system with Ampstun, the system the City uses for billing.  Customers are excited about the future options for water/sewer account payments.
A motion to adjourn was made by Commissioner Webb, seconded by Commissioner Shoots, all ayes.


Dixon, Kentucky is the county seat of Webster County, it is located at the junction of U S Highway 41A and State Route 132. It was established in 1860 when the county was formed and named for Archibald Dixon, Lieutenant Governor and U.S. Senator. It was incorporated in 1861. The County Court House and post office opened in 1860.  Revolutionary War veteran William Jenkins in 1794 established a stagecoach inn five miles north of the town's present site, on the old Indian trail between Nashville and St. Louis. The downtown area has a number of historic homes and was the site of a number of Civil War skirmishes.

Mission Statement

The City of Dixon strives to provide a variety of services to the community in an efficient, cost-effective and cooperative manner. The City of Dixon is a proud, proactive, progressive Community committed to providing leadership with a goal of enhancing the quality of life for our residents. The City of Dixon will serve its residents, businesses and visitors through leadership, partnership and the provision of effective and community focused services. The mission of The Mayor, Commissioners and Staff is to work together to create and implement strategies necessary to turn this vision into reality. 

Mayor - Carolyn S Townsend
Terry Webb     Steve Shoots    Randy Norman   Dusty Heady
City Clerk -Barbara Goff
Public Works Director - 
       Fire  Chief -  Jeff  Yates
City Attorney - Ben Leonard